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Becoming World Record: 46.70 4oom hurdles. 1st July 2021, Oslo.

Intimate interview with Victoria Mitchell, Australian Dual Olympian, at the IAAF World Championship in London, UK. On challenges, healthy habits and life choices.

The perfect set up for a magical Christmas spirit in its purest form comes from Bergen, Norway. The world's largest gingerbread city is created every year since 1991 for and by children.





Brief interviews with Irene Montejo, Jarrad Tallent & Håvard Haukenes.

Men's 50 km & Women's 20 km clips and amusement overall.

Michaela Hrubá - High Jump

Genevieve Gregson (née LaCaze) - 3000 Metres Steeplechase

Ryan Gregson - 1500 Metres

Luke Matthews - 1500 Metres

Interview with Domonique Williams, Women's 400 Metres runner, proudly representing Trinidad and Tobago in style at the IAAF World Championship 2017 in London, UK.

Brief thank you to the organisation from the Bolivian Race Walking Team: Ronal Quispe, Ángela Castro & her coach, Martha Marín. Banter with a Jamaican Usain Bolt's fan thanking him for inspiring him throughout his life and being a reference of values for the younger generations.

A personal portrait of Basque ultra-runner Abel, widely known and loved by many as Spiderabel. He runs for fun and for charity. Original audio in Spanish. English subtitles. 

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